This is my poorly-attended-to scrapbook of a ‘blog, created in order to give some info about me for those that might have seen some of my writing elsewhere and to record some of my thoughts. At the moment it has basically got nothing much on it- but I am planning to alter that when I find time away from writing the on average three articles I am planning at any given time or indeed the general demands of my life.

About me:  I am 28 at the time of writing, a British independent journalist often to be found in Oceania if not in London or Devon, and I have written or contributed to articles (mostly on the subject of human rights and/or war) for a number of publications in the US, UK and Australia including The Independent, The Daily Telegraph,  New Statesman, TruthOut, Mondoweiss, Souciant, Online Opinion (Australia), The Palestine Chronicle, Empirical Magazine, The Platform and blah blah blah(there are others). I am happily married to a wife who is both wonderfully tolerant of my idiosyncrasies (including staying up all night writing- albeit less so as time goes on) and who is not particularly interested in politics- and is, therefore, my connection to sanity.

Outside of politics my interests are football, film, good comedy, nice people, books and nice green things.

I have also been known to write poetry and fiction, which I might put up at some point.


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